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We want you to grow your wealth in a stress-free way

Why we started Finvest

We were tired of FOMO investing
In the peak of 2021, like a lot of people, we invested our money in technology stocks,  cryptocurrencies because it felt like everything was just going to go up forever. It turns out the US economy was living an anomalous time - a zero interest rate environment. Once interest rates and inflation rose, the whole market crashed. We lost a lot of money like a lot of people.  We were tired of trying to beat the market, chasing hot trends, making risky short-term bets, and acting out of FOMO.
So we started Finvest
With interest rates at unprecedented levels, we wanted to buy Treasury bills to take advantage of the high-interest rate environment. Interest rates on Treasuries have never been this high since 2007. In fact the 1 month Treasury Bill outperforms most stocks.  But all the alternatives felt opaque. Buying Treasury Bills on Treasury Direct felt like an awful experience from the 1990s.  All the major banks gave us basically nothing on our cash.

So we built a platform we wish we had. A simple and easy way to access the fixed income asset class.
Our mission
We want everyone to grow their wealth in a stress free-way and democratize access to the fixed income asset class.

We are backed by the best venture capital fims

Our company’s core values

Want to join us? We are hiring for world-class engineers. Email us at careers@getfinvest.com

There is a phrase in the sport of cricket called "Zero Not Out" - it indicates when a batter is about to face the first ball. That's how we approach our work - no matter what, we always have a Day One mentality.

We believe hunger is more important than expertise or fancy resumes.

We let the best ideas win, not the loudest voices. That's how A+ teams win.

We strive to provide a world-class service to our customers.

We are a team of dreamers and optimists.